Charitable Programs

What is a Program?

HMBA’s mission is to improve the lives of its members. One way we do that is by creating a variety of mountain bike related activities that help bring people together. These activities create positive opportunities for mental, physical and social health development.

The second way is by providing our members opportunities to serve others in our community who are struggling. These may be our recovering veterans or underprivileged youth.

By helping to serve others, we lift up not only those in need, but ourselves as well.

What Charitable Programs are HMBA Currently Working On?

The Hawaii Mountain Bike Association is a new organization. In order to operate smoothly we are taking things slowly in the beginning. Initially we will begin operations by conducting Guided Rides, Skills Clinics and Trail Work Days. During this initial phase, as our membership grows, we will be working with several partners to develop our charitable programs.

These programs involve using mountain biking as a means of physical and mental recovery for our veterans. One of our goals is to secure a fleet of bikes and use them to conduct guided rides for veterans who want to try out mountain biking. A simple program but one we’ve personally seen help our veterans in the past.

As we strive to create opportunities for our members to serve others, all our lives will be uplifted. Check back here for updates and details as we continue to develop the core programs of the Hawaii Mountain Bike Association.