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We’ve divided memberships into Child, Youth, Adult and Guest categories. This makes it easier for large families to donate and support HMBA as the Child and Youth memberships are considerably lower. Even though the Child and Youth memberships cost less, all memberships receive the same benefits.

Memberships last for the entire duration of the calendar year the donation was made. The calendar year starts January 1st and ends December 31st. Donations made in 2017 include December 2017 and all of 2018 as well.

The Guest pass is for visitors to Hawaii. It’s good for 7 days from when you signup. Join as many rides and available activities as you want during your week!

The Hawaii Mountain Bike Association is recognized as a public charity and tax-exempt 501c3 organization. The Board of Directors, Officers and Volunteers are all non-paid volunteers. Not only may your donation be tax deductible but 100% of the proceeds are used locally to provide activities for members, run our charitable programs and promote the sport of mountain biking in Hawaii!

Thank you for supporting Mountain Biking in Hawaii and we look forward to seeing you on the trails!

Join us on our weekly guided rides. Never ride alone or get lost again! Each ride is led by one of our capable Ride Leaders who will keep the group together and on course. Experience new trails and meet new friends.

The more we improve our skills on the mountain bike, the more fun we have. It enables us to try new trails or ride the same trails with more confidence. Skill Clinics for beginner and intermediate riders will be taught by certified mountain bike skills instructors. As a member, you’ll receive a tremendous discount on the cost of the clinic.

Our goal is to create a healthy racing environment in Hawaii. This is no easy task but we believe that as a non-profit organization we now have the tools in place we need to accomplish this talk. We will be working with land owners to create consistent, affordable, fun races for our youth, young adults, and adults!

As long as your membership is current, you’ll be able to receive discounts at participating vendors and sponsors. These include discounts to races like the 24 Hours of Hell in Paradise and reduced prices for online Skills Clinics at MTB University. The Hawaii Mountain Bike Association is new but we are working hard to increase the number of participating vendors.

Help give back to the community by working with our local trail builders to keep our trails free of trees and flowing smoothly. The amount of work that goes into keeping trails enjoyable to ride is huge. We will schedule regular trail maintenance days and help spread the work out among more folks. Riding trail is awesome, riding trail that you’ve helped to build and maintain… more awesomer!

E-Bikes are a hot topic. Currently in Hawaii E-Bikes are considered motorized vehicles and therefore not allowed on most of the islands trails. HMBA’s policy reflects that of the State. Encouraging the use of E-Bikes on the trails would be in opposition to State policy.

One of HMBA’s main goals is to develop a friendly working environment with the State. One that promotes our mutual interests and allows us to work with the State to maintain trails and possibly build new trail. We feel it wouldn’t be morally right to try and build a relationship with the State while simultaneously opposing their policies in practice.

Having said that, we encourage any activity that helps keep people happy and healthy and we encourage the E-Bike community to band together and advocate for better trail access.

As the Hawaii Mountain Bike Association grows we plan to increase the number of activities available. Off-island mountain bike retreats, BBQ’s, movie premieres are just a few of the ideas we have in mind!

Membership Options

If you are signing up for multiple people (a family), you’ll need to click the appropriate donate button and complete the form for each one. The system doesn’t allow for simultaneous donations. We’ve tried to keep the amount of information needed to a minimum to make it as easy as possible.

If you have any questions regarding signup, please refer to the F.A.Q. at the bottom of this page.


For children 12 years old and under. Our goal is to help our young kids learn to enjoy the outdoors and create habits early in life that lead to healthy living, mentally, physically and socially. Your donation of $15 dollars includes all the same bonuses as a Youth or Adult membership.

$ 15.00
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Donation Total: $15.00


For youth ages 13-17 year old. Our Youth membership includes all the same benefits as our other membership options. For half the price of one video game you’ll be able to smash the trails while meeting new friends and learning how to ride with more speed and flow!

$ 25.00
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Donation Total: $25.00


Welcome and mahalo for your interested in donating to the Hawaii Mountain Bike Association. This membership option is for adults 18 and over.

$ 60.00
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Donation Total: $60.00

Active Duty Military

Welcome and mahalo for your interested in donating to the Hawaii Mountain Bike Association. This membership option is for our beloved Active Duty Military. Thank you for your service.

$ 50.00
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Donation Total: $50.00


Aloha and welcome to the islands! If you are visiting and want to meet local riders and not get lost, you’ve come to the right place! Our guest pass gives you full membership benefits for 7 days.

$ 20.00
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Donation Total: $20.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your personal information is important to us. Our site uses SSL encryption, the standard for online transactions. Your web browser will show that the site is secure, usually an image of a lock up near the top where the URL is located.

Yes and no. If you are signing up for your children than yes, since you’ll need to sign the waiver in their behalf. Adults and Guests need to signup for themselves as each individual needs to read and sign the waiver.

Absolutely! You’ll need a parent with you though as they will need to sign the waiver on your behalf.

No, the software only allows one person to signup at a time. However, we’ve eliminated any additional form fields we thought unnecessary. This should make the process quick and simple.

Some folks just love mountain biking. We understand completely and think that’s wonderful! If you’d like to donate directly to the Hawaii Mountain Bike Association please visit our donations page here:

The Hawaii Mountain Bike Association is a public charity and operates on a tax-exempt status. This means that your donation may be tax deductible depending on your own personal tax situation. When you donate to HMBA, we provide you with the official tax receipt you’ll need to claim your donation. It’s up to you or your tax preparer to determine if you qualify.